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I've devoted the last several months to sculpting and developing Charisma, an original 60cm ball-jointed doll head. Right now I have three Charisma sets, the only three left in the world, and have to sell them. I hope you will check them out, and spread the word!

Paypal from a non cc account only. If you'd like to claim the whiteskin head or one of the two fullsets, just reply here! These must go, so if you'd like to make an offer, especially in combination with other items I'm selling, that would be wonderful!

Thank you very much!

1. All about Charisma:

Above: the master sculpt. Below: the actual cast heads. *^_^*

Charisma blank whiteskin head. Fits Volks SD13 Girl bodies. $200

Flying Colors Charisma set (Girl Version): $350
♥ (1) Charisma head with full faceup (normal skin)
4 piece original costume (fits SD13 girl):
(1) Rose mandarin-collar lotus cutout short-sleeved blouse
(1) Full rose circle skirt.
(1) Matching rose scarf
(1) Blush rose and dew corsage, necklace, and headpiece set (headpiece and necklace not pictured)
+ (1) Wood and brass inlaid clothing chest (not pictured)

Meiji Hina Charisma (Girl Version): $370
♥ (1) Charisma head with full faceup (white skin)
5 piece original empress costume (fits SD13 girl):
(1) Gold and blue kimono set
(1) White under-kimono
(1) Red hakama
(1) Original sculpt cameo choker (not pictured)
(1) Black and red lacquer-style folding fan
+ (1) Wood and brass inlaid clothing chest (not pictured)

2. Other dolls and figures:

Loose nude doll set. Includes:
(1) Licca's Mama doll. Cute, closed-eye smile. Nude doll in perfect shape. (1) Jakks Pacific doll. This doll has the best, most aesthetically pleasing body sculpt I've seen any company worldwide achieve. Tan skintone, red hair, red nails and slight repaint. Might have tiny bit of rubbing/leaching from lip paint. (1) 6" Irwin Tuxedo Mask doll, for free, if you want him. ;) $20

Esmeralda doll. Mattel. Mint in mint box. Best offer

Posed Super Sailormoon plush doll from SMS. Banpresto. BSM-92. Mint condition, mint tag. $7 on hold

Sailor Pluto mini plush from SMR. Cuuuute! Near-mint tag. Banpresto. Make an offer!

Special Edition Sailor Mercury doll. SMR. Bandai Europe with Bandai Asia "Special Edition" sticker. Sticker snagged; doll and box are absolutely mint. $20

Cutey Honey Flash doll set. Includes: (1) Kisaragi Honey. Part of "Humming Honey" doll line... looks like her accessories light up when you lift her arm! Small bend on right side of box and right side front, else box in mint condition. (1) Cutey Honey Flash doll: Cutey Pose Cutey Honey. This doll is bendy as all get-out. Mint in mint box. $40

"Emerald" Deluxe Adventure doll. SMR. Irwin. Mint condition, mint box. $20

Sailor Team figure set. Includes:  (1) Sailor Mars 1" keychain, SMR, Bandai Japan. (1) Sailor Mars 1.5" finger puppet, SMR, Banpresto. (1) 3" semiposable figure, Banpresto. (1) Sailor Mars die-cut-style rubber keychain. (2) Sailor Mars dressable 4" Mars figures (with the smallest removable uniforms ever!), one definitely SMSS, the other probably SMS, both Bandai Japan. (1) dressable 4" Venus figure, Bandai Japan. (1) Sailor Venus die-cut-style rubber keychain. (1) Sailor Venus Romantic Heroine figure, SMR, Bandai Japan. (1) Sailor Jupiter die-cut keychain. (1) Sailor Mercury Romantic Heroine figure, Bandai Japan. $25

17" doll set. Includes: (1) Sailor Mars 17" doll. The original issue modeled after Italy's Giochi Preziosi. Irwin. Rub on top right corner of back of box. (1) Sailor Venus 17" doll. The original issue modeled after Italy's Giochi Preziosi. Irwin. Tiny bend on left front of box. $40

Double Moon figure set. Includes: (1) Sailormoon Petit Soldier figure. S Version. Bandai Asia. Bend across right front of box and left back. (1) dressable 4" Super Sailor Moon figure, Bandai Japan. (1) Super Sailor Moon Romantic Heroine figure. SMS, Bandai Japan. (1) UFO plush Chibiusa (KN-2), Banpresto. (1) Romantic Heroine Chibimoon figure, Bandai Japan. (1) Romantic Heroine Chibiusa figure, Bandai Japan. $25

Sailor Pluto doll. Bandai Europe. Finally, a tall Outer Senshi doll! Retouched eyes, red nail polish, comes with all original accessories. Box damaged, but can repackage and send on request. $20

Sailor Pluto Dream Pocket doll. Bandai Japan. Cutie patootie. Comes with all of her accessories and pouch. Box damaged, but can repackage and send on request. $20 sold

Sailor Team Sailor Pluto doll. SMS. Bandai Japan. The original article. Ah, this doll has so much sentimental value! Box has some bends. $50

Outer Senshi 6" doll set. Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto -- the last, and best, set Bandai ever released. Bandai Japan. Tiny bend on bottom front of Neptune's box. Rest are mint in mint boxes. $50

3. Jewelry:

Absolutely stunning, and huge, green amber and filigree sterling silver pendant.
Comes with a unique half-solid sterling bar necklace, half-chain. Smoothed and polished amber gem alone measures over 2.5" x 1.5". Never worn, even once ;_; $50

4. Cards, manga, stickers, pins:

The Big O, Vol. 1.
I believe this was the first-ever English release (I got it in Sept? 2002). Mint condition. $10

Sailor Moon stationery and pins set. Includes: (22) Regular prism sticker cards. (1) Jumbo prism sticker card. (1) Bookmark. (1) Sheet puffy stickers. (2) 3-piece pin sets, all mint on mint cards. $20
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