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Angelik Fiona

FS: Delicately Small Wings For Tiny BJDs

These are very delicate hand made fairy wings for tiny BJDs!

They cost $10!

I will take commissions/custom orders on these.

You have to let me know, which of the 3 shapes you want (pink, green, purple), which color ( from top left to bottom right: light green, purple/red, purple, blue, yellow, green, white.....All other colors repeat in the photos below!), and whether you want glitter or not, & small stones or not!

Custom wings will be $12 each!


Please choose a color below for stones if you want stones!

From left top to bottom right: 
Top Row: mixed, orange, pink, light erpink, black, brown, green, lighter green, pinky red, red, grey, darker black
Bottom Row: silver white, white, silver, light blue, aqua, indigo, blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, sun, gold 

Below are a few photos of one of my tinies wearing the wings!

All pre-made wings for $10 are below!

Wing #1
Aqua colored on the top, blue on the bottom

Wing #2
Extremely glittery purple/red wings

Wing #3
Aqua colored on the top, purple on the bottom

Wing #4
Yellow wings!

Wing #5
Pink on top, & purple on bottom

Wing #6
Green wings!

Wing #7
Alternatign top and bottom light green glittery & green wings!

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