Neko-chan's BJDs (nekochan_bjds) wrote in balljoints,
Neko-chan's BJDs

Moving Sale~ ^^b

Getting ready to move, so I've been going through some of the resin crew to see if anyone needs to go. Have a Real Missing Link head and a tan Dollzone Hid the Assassin BJD up for sale.

Apologies in advance for the pictures. Camera is packed up so I had to rely on the cell phone. :\

Real Missing Link - MSD head - $25

Dollzone tan Hid the Assassin doll - MSD (comes with white wig, eyes featured, and short blue yukata) - $280
*** willing to negotiate his price a little bit lower; I need to sell him quickly ***

Comment here for interest and we'll work something out for price and shipping. I accept PayPal. :)

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